Friday, July 1, 2011

Outsourcing SEO Work? These Questions are for you!

These are not just interview questions but important points that you must clear before hiring any SEO candidate or SEO firm for your SEO work. These SEO Questions are not so tough and not so difficult but good enough to judge capabilities of SEO people.

1. Do you aware of some SEO tools? How often do you use them?

SEO Tools and software tell lot of about SEO candidates and give you a strong idea how well-versed they are in particular SEO market. Ask them what browser add-ons and SEO software they use. Have they successfully utilized Google Adwords tool, WordTracker, Keyword Spy, SEM Rush, SEO Elite etc.?

2. What do they plan when starting SEO working on a project? Ask them to disclose some of SEO Projects.

This is important to know how they plan strategies for new seo project. Ask their previous and current SEO projects, check them through SEO tools and trace what they have done. This is good enough to bring out their SEO activities, whether they have been involving in spreading spam, content farming or other black hat SEO techniques. If the SEO candidate is for senior post then ask him for FTP login details if they have. If they make excuses just go ahead for next one.

3. How do you judge whether SEO Project is successful or not?

Do they drive only traffic or buyers? It may be a tough question but only experienced and real SEO candidate can reply positively. If they are just bringing traffic without sales then they are involving only link building activities not in a online marketing practices.

4. Do they know about some famous SEOs?

It’s great question to check how interested they are in their job. Mention some top SEO’s of the industry and ask about them if they could not answer may be they do not know how to do seo either.

5. What SEO forum, blog and sites they preferably visit? 

This is the prime question. You can easily judge whether they are aware of latest SEO trend or not. Currently there have been so many updates, ask them what do they know about them, for example “Panda Update”.

6. Did they ever face failure in their SEO projects?

Yes, nice question. If their answer is “never”, they are just lying or trying to be smart. Personally suggest, every SEO in his or her carrier would have been faced failure or difficulties. Ask them about what kind of failure did they face and what did they learn from that.

7. In what SEO areas you are perfect?

By asking this question you are able to judge in what SEO practice they feel comfortable and proficient. For example one seo may be perfect in seo copywriting, keyword research, ethical link building etc.

8. In what SEO areas are you weak?

Make sure they actually admit to a weakness. Those who state "I'm too organized" or "I pay too much attention to detail" are red flags. Everyone has weaknesses.

At Last:

At the end just find his name over Google Search, if he is not present there, ask them why not and I think asking this is totally waste of time. Next candidate please!!!

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